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05 August 2009 @ 09:55 pm
I'm up to 70 goals in my Mission 101 list, and I'm planning on tackling two or three of them tomorrow when Ri comes over: making a chess set (she'll help with that; We tried it once and failed but that was a couple of years ago xD), learning to waveboard (she's a master, seriously o_O), and maybe doing some ninja notes.

I can't believe tomorrow's Thursday already. o_O

I officially have enough for the Rock the River ticket, tucked into an envelope and tacked to my bulletin board. :D I have money saved for the thrift store raids before school too. Sayuri, Imooto-chan, and maybe Ri (I can't remember xD) and I are going to go to the thrift stores in town and then alter the clothes :D Just for fun.

After looking at this series on dA, I really want to do a Seven Deadly Sins shoot with some of the Beloved. I know Tasha at least would have fun with it, and I could always do it with just her, but I think Nekochan and maybe Tsuki and Imooto would enjoy it... it would hold us over until Wonderland at least a little bit. ((I also officially started saving for the Beloved in Wonderland/Through the Camera Lens shoot today--a whole two dollars! xD))

Uhm... I think I can stop rambling. There's not much else to say!

Keep in touch, my friends!

Current Music: Modest Mouse ((I am officially in love with them))
★ escapism ✎ ❤ ♪faithfulfaerie on August 7th, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
oh, good luck!

and those photoshoots sounds like such fun. :)