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25 June 2009 @ 02:23 pm
Bass Ponds Part II: Innocence & Instinct  
Hey, Kai and Sayuri! Here's the details for tomorrow's shoot. Read them over, and let me know if there's anything that sounds wrong, or that you want to tweak. Scenes are listed in order of how they appear on the album. A heart (♥) means Instinct is in the scene; A sun (☼) means Innocence is in the scene. Read on, dearies.


Sai needs to bring it
Ri needs to bring it
I'll bring it.

Red juice
Something for under your dress
Shorts to wear under costumes while biking
Comfortable shoes to bike/walk in
Food xD
Your camera, fully charged
A deck of cards (we only need the 4 Queens though)
Your makeup



♥ ☼ CANTO III-- I'll take several shots and mask them together while I'm editing. Innocence and Instinct will be floating in the sky, blended together, and then fallen, unconscious, on the ground, separate. Probably a two-panel scene.

♥ ☼ FIGHT INSIDE-- This will be a two-panel shot. The first one will be of Innocence and Instinct facing each other, bound wrist-to-wrist with red rope (which I have) and struggling to get away from the other. The second panel will be almost the same, but with I&I facing away from each other. I&I will both look angry in this set. "The fight inside is coursing through my veins. And it's raging; the fight inside is breaking me again."

DEATH OF ME-- Instinct will be lounging around, probably in that place with the rafters, or maybe another place with better walls. This is her I'm-sexy-and-you-can't-win shot. She'll have her feet up, her jacket slung somewhere, a glass of red juice in her hand, and she'll be smiling crookedly. She should be laughing with her eyes. "I was comfortable inside these walls."

MYSTERY OF YOU-- Instinct is kneeling alone. There is a bright red, smeared, "bleeding" heart on her chest, drawn in the lipstick she is wearing. She is halfway between crying and screaming. Her hands are grasping either at her chest near the heart, or her throat. She is very broken and very weak, much in contrast to the previous scene. There is a possibility of a double panel either in this scene or the next, the second part being a macro of the heart. "You touch the deepest part of me, the places I could not save. Tell me why I'm so dark inside."

♥ ☼ START AGAIN-- This is a companion to Mystery of You. Instinct is still kneeling and still wounded with the heart, but she looks less in pain and more sorrowful. She's looking off in the distance somewhere. Innocence is standing next to her, and now SHE is the one who looks pained. She is reaching towards the heart on Instinct's chest, and is an inch or so away from it. She will be partly ghosted out in the final image, so we will have to take one shot with her there and one without. "I can make it right with one more try. Can we start again?"

NEVER BE THE SAME-- Innocence is wandering either in trees or reeds. She is lost. Her dress is snagging in different places, and she looks confused and slightly scared, as if she has a feeling she is being watched or followed. We may have a small glint of black farther from her, suggesting her suspicion is correct, but I haven't decided yet. We can try it both ways. "I'm caught inside the memories and promises and yesterdays...I just can't walk away."

♥ ☼ CONFESSION-- Instinct is holding the frame up around her face, as if she is a reflection in a mirror. She is grinning, and the grin is dark. Innocence is turning away, but looking over her shoulder at the "mirror." We might have to take two shots; I'm considering masking out Instinct's body outside of the frame to strengthen the mirror effect. There is also the possibility of making this a two-panel and having it be reversed as well--Innocence in the mirror, and Instinct fleeing. "I confess, I'm always afraid, always ashamed, of what's inside my head."

SHADOWS-- This is a double-panel scene. Innocence is alone. She holds a white rosary in her hands, and her eyes are tightly shut. She looks deep in concentration or afraid. She is dappled in shadow. The second panel is a macro of the cross on the rosary clutched in her hands; it is half in and half out of the shadows. "I'm holding onto you, I'll never let go. I need you with me as I enter the shadows."

ORDINARY WORLD-- This will hopefully be taken under that highway overpass at the end of the first half of Bass Ponds. Innocence is beneath the overpass, perhaps hiding partway behind one of the support pillars. She is looking around warily. The road and hopefully cars should be included in this shot. "There's an ordinary world, somehow, I have to find. And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive."

OUT FROM UNDER-- Instinct is caught mid-fall in this scene, dropping from somewhere. Possibly the rafters of that structure I mentioned before, possibly just a tree branch. Her eyes should be shut, but her face should be calm. Since her hair is short now, we need to depend on her dress and/or jacket to show the motion, and this might take a lot of tries. "I took the fall; I took it all. ... I finally broke in the pressure."

♥ ☼ TAKE IT ALL AWAY-- This uses the idea with the cups I mentioned to you both on Tuesday. Innocence and Instinct will interlink arms, and each hold a cup to their own lips. HOWEVER, Instinct's cup will hold clear water, and Innocence's will hold the red juice. Both should have their lips almost open and their glasses close to their mouths. It will be a close-up shot of just the mouths and glasses, if possible, but I want to show the interlinked arms as well. "It's over now, just innocence and instinct still remain."

♥ ☼ OVERTAKE YOU-- This is the tree shot I discussed with you on Tuesday. Innocence is walking on a path beneath trees, smiling, on the balls of her feet with her arms out, taking in the air. Instinct is on a tree limb above her in a relaxed but predatory crouch. She is smiling darkly. She would have her jacket over her shoulder if possible, making balance and stalking look like minimal effort. "I'll just be strong and keep knowing that now I will overtake you. You try to get me but you'll end up dead."

FOREVER-- This is most probably a two-panel scene. Instinct is standing quite obviously in the middle of a road, grinning, looking sideways with only her eyes. She holds a hand of four cards in one hand and the jacket is slung over her shoulder with the other. The second panel is a macro of the four cards, which shows that they are all Queens of the four different suits, but that the diamond is black rather than red. The Queen of Hearts is the only red suit in the hand. "You came when you knew that the game was over."

♥ ☼ NOTHING AND EVERYTHING-- This is a companion to Fight Inside, and another double panel scene. We will take it last because of the costume/make-up we need to do. Innocence and Instinct are standing side by side, with the wrists in the middle held up. They are bound by the red rope again. Their fists are closed, and they are both staring straight ahead with emotionless faces. The second panel is the same posture and expression, but now Innocence dons the black dress and dark makeup, while Instinct is in white with little to no makeup at all. Their wrists are still bound. "Enemy, familiar friend, my beginning and my end. It's nothing; it's everything."


So, I know it's a LOT of crap, but I need to know if either of you have issues with it before tonight, preferably, so that we can make provisions for whatever it is we need to change. Call me if you need to; Asher has friends over and I don't know if/when I'll have the computer again tonight. Love you!

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★ escapism ✎ ❤ ♪faithfulfaerie on June 25th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
that sounds like a very amazing photoshoot! i can't wait to see your photos <3
(i wish i could get my friends here to do a photoshoot)
lovelydaceylovelydacey on June 26th, 2009 12:17 am (UTC)
this is so amazing, I honestly can't wait, sarhly, you were right, there's no way tob e sad now.
I cannot believe this.